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About Netventures

Netventures is an end-to-end on-line video technology specialist.Netventures' develops software which allows organisations to produce and broadcast high-quality video content online: We capture your audience no matter what device with unique ways of monetisation.Netventures is a proven technology company with a team of Australia's brightest engineers.

We pioneered webcasting in Australia more than 12 years ago by conducting the first webcasts for MTV, ABC, SBS, Channels 7 & 9 among others. Our online video broadcasting platforms can positively impact your organization – and excite your audience.  We will help your organization capture your audience, expand brand loyalty and increase your revenue - as well as profit.

The Netventures team loves nothing more than innovating new online video broadcasting platforms and content for organisations such as Bigpond TV and NAB AFL Auskick Australia. Our engineers also consult, and provide trusted advice to some of Australia's most treasured entities about their ultra-broadband and mobile online video strategies.

Netventures has a diverse clientele that spans ad agencies, television networks, telco’s, pharmaceuticals, and sport industries. Clients include AFL, Telstra Advertising Network and Coca-Cola to name but a few. Netventures has won the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Commercial Creativity award in Australian Anthill magazine's Cool Companies Awards, and AIMIA & Sensis Mash-Up Award.

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