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Michael Page: Founder and CEO of Netventures since 1997.

Michael J Page is an established entrepreneur, internet-evangelist and the Chairman of Net Ventures, the first digital technology company to pioneer webcasting in Australia, more than 12 years ago.

Michael – who has been dubbed the ‘father of Internet Broadcasting in Australia’ – is passionate about all things to do with the internet, though his journey into online video is not a typical one. Michael completed a Bachelor of Economics & Accounting at Macquarie Univerity. Lived in Belgium while working with the world’s largest student-run organisation, AIESEC, as its Director for Asia Pacific. In this role, Michael implemented an emerging student communications tool called the internet.

After returning to Australia to cement his business management skills with consulting firm Trade Asia, which provided advisory services to Australian companies looking to export to Asian markets, Michael decided to follow his ’net interest by founding NetVentures.

Since 1997, Net Ventures has grown into a thriving engineering enterprise that delivers advanced multimedia projects for clients including Bigpond TV, Auskick Australia and the University of Queensland. Net Ventures has a team of 20 Sydney-based engineers who design and create robust, high-performance video solutions, which enable organisations to address a variety of needs including marketing, communications and training.

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