AFL Case Study

AFL - Netventures' breaks new ground with a customised online highlight reel for fans

The Background

AFL is Australia's most popular sport and one of the largest sports video content providers, through its online broadcasting partner Bigpond. Each and every AFL game, including club-specific video content, are currently broadcast online to Australian Rules Football fans all over the world via the Bigpond site.

A Big Challenge

The challenge which the AFL set for Netventures to solve seemed simple; attract and engage even more fans to the sport by maximising the number who viewed its unique video content online.

The implementation reality was more complex. The Netventures' solution would need to be accessible and grow the fan base as well as provide a source of revenue from the content. It also needed to be delivered according to the AFL's complex broadcast rules, which involved juggling broadcast rights, sponsorship arrangements, geographical limitations and club-specific content.

The Solution

The Netventures team decided that a custom user experience would best deliver on the AFL's objectives. In cooperation with the AFL, Netventures developed a unique system that allows users to create their own highlight reel online.

A sophisticated tagging engine and a dynamic content compositing system were the key elements to this customised sports highlight experience. This a new way of tackling online video content delivery back was the first of its kind, breaking entirely new ground, when first went live way back in 1998.

The Outcome

Twelve years later, Netventures' iVideo solution which it created for the AFL is still the sports' most popular video application online. For the 2010 season, the Netventures team has upgraded it with a new interface as well as a mobile version that allows dynamic playlisting and the delivery of video ads on mobile devices Watch out for it here, when the 2010 season kicks off.

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