Bigpond Video Network Case Study

Telstra Bigpond TV: a customised platform to build, grow and monetise an online video audience.

The Background

Bigpond is one of Australia's major online video publishers, running websites including and Its content portfolio covers mainstream categories like news and sports as well as special interest content for the likes of video gaming enthusiasts and travellers.

A Big Challenge

Bigpond wanted a scalable platform to allow it to build and grow its central online video channel Bigpond TV, distribute content over the numerous websites in its network and monetise its digital assets - all while maintaining an outstanding user experience.

Any potential platform had to have it all: on-the-fly player design, straightforward content and campaign management, high-end targeting capabilities as well as detailed reports for optimisation and performance analysis.

The Solution

Netventures offered a one-stop-shop solution to meet the video publisher's needs. An appealing aspect of the Netventures offering was it allowed Bigpond to pick-and-choose a custom set of modules, all of which would integrate with Bigpond's existing workflows across multiple departments.

The Netventures' Enterprise Video Platform, Infinity Player and iAd products were chosen as the best solutions to fit with Bigpond's existing infrastructure backbone and to build and grow Bigpond TV's audience.


Today, Bigpond's robust video infrastructure delivers unique, engaging video content to millions of users across Australia and New Zealand. Bigpond TV has successfully monetised its content by carrying entertaining and interactive video advertisements in a variety of non-intrusive formats. Plus the distribution of Bigpond's online video content is now easily managed through one central console, the Netventures' Video Management System.

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