NAB AFL Auskick Case Study

NAB AFL Auskick - volunteer coaches kick goals with e-learning accreditation

The Background

NAB AFL Auskick is a national sports program supported by the AFL to promote the participation of children in Australian Rules Football. To date, more than 150,000 children all over Australia have participated in training sessions run by AFL coordinators and volunteer parents.

A big challenge

The AFL wanted to accelerate participation in its accredited training courses by volunteer coaches for the NAB AFL Auskick program.

At the same time, it wanted to reduce training costs, establish with certainty that it was delivering a uniform high-quality training program, while extending the reach of the NAB AFL Auskick program to remote parts of Australia.

The Solution

Netventures worked closely with NAB AFL Auskick to come up with a video training program using its Change Reaction e-learning solution. The e-learning outcome allows volunteers all over Australia to participate in accredited training courses lead by AFL legends such as Kevin Sheedy.

The video training program is synchronised with testing modules and tools allowing NAB AFL Auskick to keep track of the learning progress of each of its volunteer participants.


The accredited video training program was launched at the 2010 National Coaching Conference in Adelaide as a major component in NAB AFL Auskick's efforts to engage more parents as mentors for the sport. Importantly, the program will also encourage families to participate in sport and help grow and extend the reach of the AFL brand.

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