Sundance Case Study

Netventures' breaks new ground with the ultimate customised transmedia experience for the Sundance Film Festival.

The Background

Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent cinema festival in the United States, which features both feature length films and short films. Pandemic 1.0 commissioned by Sundance was a transmedia storytelling experience that incorporated film, mobile, online real-world, social gaming and data visualizations into one narrative experience.

A Big Challenge

The whole concept of Pandemic 1.0 was to wholly engage and immerse the user into the transmedia experience and to get those users to interact with media. The Netventures solution was instrumental to the production of the transmedia experience in allowing both festival attendees and online visitors play an alternate reality game through the use of video, social-media and NFC (near-field-communication).

The Solution

Netventures technology was showcased by its sponsor, Google, and its Nexus smart-phone running Android Honeycomb.In order to produce this transmedia immersion, the Net Ventures engineers, put their innova-tiveness to the test by enabling users to find moments on film that held meaning through “mash-up videos and tagging" via an Android app.

This technology allowed the user to add music and transitions between clips, which resulted in the Sundance attendees, and online users creating a customized mash up or forms of montage, which could be published to any form of social media.

The use of NFC enabled users to 'check-in' with their Google Nexus phone at various secret locations around Sundance Festival in order to unlock clues.


Net Ventures ground breaking technology Monteur enabled Pandemic 1.0 to realise its full transmedia potential in reaching out to 40,000 Sundance attendees and 100,000 online users.

This was achieved by creating an immersive user experience in the Pandemic 1.0 story, utilising the creativity of viewers to build custom mash ups of their experiences through the various media of video, text or images and sharing them through social media.

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